Book Trust Cymru Superbox

Free resource pack and conference for frontline early years workers in Wales


Super Box 2014 conference

Participants in the Superbox 2014 programme:

  • Attended an inspiring conference – training, activities and ideas at our conferences in September 2014
  • Received great bilingual resources – for enhancing work with parents around book sharing.


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Superbox 2015!

The South Wales conference will be on 6 October and North Wales on 13 October

About Super Box 2014

About Super Box 2014

The most recent Super Box conferences took place in September 2014.

About Superbox resources

The Superbox resources include great children's books, activity sheets and more – perfect for you to show the benefits of sharing books to parents.

Welsh phrases to use with Super Box books

Find general and book-specific phrases to use in your sessions.