The Bookstart Book Crawl

The Bookstart Book Crawl

A great library-joining incentive for children in Wales

The Book Crawl is very well received by children, parents and caregivers and is a fun way to promote book sharing and enhance children’s learning opportunities.
Ruth Pinney, Bookstart Coordinator, Caerphilly Library Service

Book Crawl certificateThe Bookstart Book Crawl is a library-joining incentive that has the potential to generate thousands of library visits. Children visiting their library collect special stickers, and after four visits they are awarded a certificate. These are delightful mementos of their earliest years as library members.


The Bookstart Book Crawl will run in libraries in Wales until at least March 2016.


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The Book Crawl in England and Northern Ireland

The Bookstart Book Crawl has been replaced by the Bookstart Bear Club in libraries in England and Northern Ireland. For information on the Bookstart Bear Club, please contact your Bookstart Coordinator.