Bear's Reading Adventure – FAQs


What is Bear’s Reading Adventure?

Bear’s Reading Adventure is a new resource – a sticker storybook – for the Bookstart Bear Club (Book Trust’s library offer for families with children aged 0-5). The new resource was developed following consultation feedback from library services and Bookstart Coordinators to encourage families to visit the library and read together every day. In particular we sought to develop an offer that helps libraries achieve the aims of ASCEL’s Children’s Promise, specifically to provide opportunities for families to participate and engage with their local library services and to make library visits inspiring and exciting. We are piloting Bear’s Reading Adventure with libraries across England from January 2016.

How does Bear’s Reading Adventure work?

Bear’s Reading Adventure is a sticker storybook with ten missing stickers to collect. As this is a pilot programme we would encourage libraries to choose for themselves how to give out the stickers.  We suggest giving a child a copy of Bear’s Reading Adventure when they visit the library, and then a new sticker – one to ten – each subsequent time they visit, to encourage families to regularly use the library. When the child has collected all ten stickers they can download a certificate to celebrate their success. Bear’s Reading Adventure also contains tips for families on how they can have fun reading together every day.

Is Bear’s Reading Adventure suitable for babies?

Yes. This sticker storybook has been created specifically for families with children aged 0-5 years old and has been safety tested for babies.

How do I order Bear’s Reading Adventure resources for libraries in my Local Authority?

Bookstart Coordinators will receive an email with their allocation based on the size of their local authority. They will then need to contact their libraries to confirm if they are happy to receive this amount or would prefer to receive less or extra if there are any spare. We will try to accommodate requests as much as possible but please note that stock is limited as this is a brand new resource which we are piloting for the first time; the amount you can order will vary depending on the size of your Local Authority. Resources will be delivered to Bookstart Coordinators in mid-December and we ask that these are then sent onto libraries by the end of January.  


How much storage will libraries need?

Listening to your feedback regarding existing Bookstart Bear Club resources, we have been keen to minimise the amount of storage required for Bear’s Reading Adventure. You will need one book per child and each sticker sheet (there are ten different designs) contains enough stickers for at least ten children. Libraries will also receive a promotional poster for display and guidance on how to deliver the resource to families.


How can libraries promote Bear’s Reading Adventure to families?

Libraries will receive a promotional poster for display at the same time they receive their copies of Bear’s Reading Adventure. A downloadable version of the poster is also available at We will also be sending Bookstart Coordinators a template press release for you to personalise and issue to your local media.


What guidance can libraries give to families when giving out Bear’s Reading Adventure?

Librarians can guide parents to the instructions on the inside page of the sticker storybook which details how to use it. Reading every day is a key theme in Bear’s Reading Adventure and we are keen for libraries to share the ‘read every day’ message, highlighting to families that reading can take place at anytime and anywhere. Libraries can also direct families to the Book Trust website ( for tips on reading, free resources and book recommendations.


Are there spare stickers if a child loses one?

Yes. Each library will automatically receive spare stickers when they receive their copies of Bear’s Reading Adventure. We cannot provide any more stickers in addition to this as there is limited stock.


If libraries run out of copies of Bear’s Reading Adventure can I order more?

As this is a pilot, there is limited stock so you won’t be able to order additional copies. But we’d love to hear your feedback and do please let us know if there is demand for more copies as this will help us review the pilot’s success and consider future options.


What feedback will we be asked to collect?

Before receiving the resources, we will send Bookstart Coordinators and library services a list of questions we will be asking for feedback on at the end of the pilot; we will keep you updated with the results.


Can we still use the existing Bookstart Bear Club resources?

Yes. Bear’s Reading Adventure can be used in addition to the existing Bookstart Bear Club resources, which we are reviewing separately.


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