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What do I do with the Partnership Agreement?

The Partnership Agreement is for you to refer to and keep as a sign of your intention and commitment to deliver the programme.  It is possible to download a copy for your records if you wish, Book Trust does not require a copy.

My log-in details won’t let me access the online tutorial. What should I do? 

Please note that your Username begins with a ‘C’ and is followed by 4 numbers. Also, ensure that you are using ‘zero’ in c0rner, rather than a capital ‘O’. If you continue to experience problems, contact    

When do we need to have delivered the resources by?

There is no deadline but we will collect data from centres in our annual online audit which takes place every April/May.

Can anyone at the centre be involved?

Yes, anybody that works directly with families and would like to be involved can deliver the programme after they have completed the online tutorial and familiarised themselves with the key messages of the programme.  Volunteers, Community Nursery Nurses, Portage workers, Homestart volunteers, Family Nurse Partnership Health Visitors, the possibilities are endless and offer greater partnership opportunities locally.

My manager has asked me to sign up on their behalf. Is this possible? 

Your Manager will need to agree to participate in the programme on behalf of the centre, however you can then lead in the day to day running of the programme and liaise directly with Book Trust.

Our address has changed – who do I need to inform?

I have taken over as the main Bookstart contact at my centre. How can I make sure I receive all Bookstart Corner emails?

Please email and we will update our records.

We already have the Bookstart panels – we don’t want to receive them again. How can we opt out? 

As the programme is based around the words Talking; Listening; Sharing; Bookstart and has a wide range of family imagery that supports the programme, Book Trust would prefer for your centre to accept the new panels and hopefully recycle your current panels to a local library, health centre or community space.

Can we have more than 100 packs?

We may be able to offer more than 100 packs later on in the year depending on stock availability. We will contact centres to let them know if this offer will be made available.

We are a small centre. Do we have to sign up to reach 50 children?

No, you can now sign up for 10 or 25 packs instead. You will be able to select your quantity once you have confirmed your centre’s delivery details. Please note that there is a limited number of packs of 10 so please do ensure you sign up early if you require this amount.

I have clicked ‘I Accept’ to the Partnership Agreement by accident. Can this be retracted?

Yes it can, however if you feel unable to sign up to Bookstart Corner, please let us know what is preventing you from signing up via and we will do all we can to support you and enable your centre to sign up.

We already take part in the Bookstart Programme and get the packs. Why should we sign up to Bookstart Corner? 

Bookstart Corner is a targeted programme to support the most socially and financially disadvantaged families and offers Centres the opportunity to engage in an outreach capacity with either 10, 25, 50 or 100 families over a period of time and via four interventions. The programme also offers a developmental aspect to practitioners via an online tutorial and builds on what practitioners are already doing to support families develop a book, story and rhyme sharing habit.

When will we receive our packs? 

Centres must complete their tutorial and quiz before resources are dispatched. Once these stages have been completed centres will receive their resources in 4-8 weeks.

Can a family receive more than one Bookstart Corner pack? ie. If there are siblings? 

This is very much a local decision, however it may be better practice to encourage siblings to share the resources as a family, rather than duplicate everything, as the contents for each family are the same. If you gift two packs to one family it does mean that another family will miss out and there are lots of positive ways you can engage with siblings using just the one pack.

We don’t have capacity to deliver all 4 visits in the home. Is this ok?

Given the proven benefits of the home learning environment we would encourage centres to deliver Bookstart Corner as closely to the original model as possible. However, if a centre is unable to commit to four home visits, sessions can take place in the children’s centre or community venue. 

I manage a cluster of centres. Do I have to repeat the tutorial multiple times to sign them all up to Bookstart Corner?

It is now possible to sign up as a cluster or group of children’s centres rather than repeating the tutorial multiple times. However, you will still need to confirm you delivery details for each centre (even if it is the same address) so that we know how many packs to send out. To set up your cluster please email

How do I get in touch with my local Bookstart Coordinator?

In each local authority there is either one or more Bookstart Coordinators who oversee the programme across the LA. If you would like to get in touch with your local coordinator please contact



I have another question!

For any other questions about signing up to Bookstart Corner, please email