Bookstart Treasure gift

The Bookstart Treasure gift
The Bookstart Treasure gift

Who's the gift for and when is it gifted?

This gift is for preschoolers aged 3–4 years, and is usually gifted by early years professionals in nurseries or other years settings, or via local libraries.


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What's the best way to gift Treasure?

When presenting a family with Bookstart resources, it's essential to:


  • Give a high quality, warm and encouraging message about the joy and benefits of sharing books
  • Show the contents of the pack or gift
  • Invite them to join the library
  • Let them know about any local events, such as rhymetimes, or relevant family learning opportunities.

The routine of sharing books, stories and rhymes helps to build pre-literacy skills. It also provides a special time and place for parents to build a strong and loving relationship with their child. The Bookstart Treasure Bags contain everything that a parent needs to get started sharing stories, rhymes and songs with their pre-school child. The[y] also support the EYFS Areas of Learning and Development by promoting positive behaviours that help children to develop the knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes they need to achieve the early learning goals at the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Rita Wrightson - Early Years School Improvement Team

I  recently spoke to a teacher in one of the schools in Newcastle: she had explained she had been working with children in her reception class. The class discussed 'proudest possessions' – many children were saying their Bookstart Treasure Pack was their proud possession. Isn't that lovely?!
Bookstart Coordinator, Newcastle

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