Policy and research

Policy and research

Bookstart matters!

Reading for pleasure is proven to combat social exclusion, helps to raise literacy and educational standards supporting health and emotional wellbeing for all children.


Research proves how Bookstart benefits families

Studies show that in families who receive Bookstart packs:


  • Children are more likely to regard books as their favourite activity
  • Parents are more likely to talk about stories with their child
  • Talking about stories helps children develop later reading competence
  • Children have a flying start in life – and are more ready when they start school.


Independent research supports the need for Bookstart

Research from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD, 2002) showed that reading enjoyment is more important for children’s educational success than their family’s socio-economic status.

Theoretical framework

Discover evidence that shows importance of sharing books, stories and rhymes for all children from birth and the ongoing benefits that this can bring.

Bookstart outcomes

Did you know children who receive Bookstart packs are more likely to enjoy books and visit their library?

Bookstart creates social value

A 2010 report found that for every £1 the state invests, Bookstart returns a total £25 of value to society.