Bookstart Early Years Pack - Wales

Bookstart Early Years Pack
Bookstart Early Years Pack

This pack for toddlers helps to build on language and listening skills.

Who's the pack for and when is it gifted?

The pack is for toddlers in Wales. Packs are gifted by health visitors at health checks when the toddler is 18 to 30 months old.

Find out what's inside the Bookstart Early Years Pack

What's the best way to gift these packs?

When presenting a family with the gift of a Bookstart pack, it's essential to:


  • Give a high quality, warm and encouraging message about the joy and benefits of sharing books
  • Show the contents of the pack
  • Invite them to join the library
  • Let them know about any local events, such as rhymetimes, or relevant family learning opportunities.

Gifting the Bookstart+ packI have found that getting on the floor and reading one of the books to the baby or toddler is a brilliant way to role model.

I have never given a pack out without doing this, otherwise it would be an opportunity lost.

There is nothing more satisfying than a mother or father telling you when you next see them that they have been reading to their baby or they have been to the library or bought some more books.

Anita Johnson: Specialist Support Midwife: Vulnerable groups, Wiltshire 

Read our checklist of things to keep in mind when gifting the Bookstart pack (PDF)




What families say

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