For children who are blind or partially sighted

Who are the packs for?

Booktouch packs are provided free to parents or carers of blind or partially sighted children up to (and including) the age of five. Children are entitled to this pack in addition to the two standard Bookstart packs.

Who gifts the packs?

The professional gifting the pack decides which pack is the most suitable for the child.


Bookstart Coordinators usually work with partners in sensory impairment teams to identify children who would benefit from the gift of these packs.


Bookstart Coordinators can log in to order Booktouch packs


What's in the packs?

There are two Booktouch packs available:


  • Booktouch Baby for babies (0–2 years old)
  • Booktouch for older children (3–5 years old).


Booktouch packs


Both packs contain:


  • Two touch and feel books
  • A Booktouch booklet of advice about sharing books with blind and partially sighted children
  • A Booktouch book guide listing lots more great books
  • A leaflet listing useful services related to reading
  • A Bookstart Rhymetimes CD and booklet.


The Booktouch pack (for children aged 3–5 years old) also includes a book suitable for older children, currently This Is My Monster – a noisy touch-and-feel book with a fun, interactive story.


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