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Children’s Book Week is an annual celebration of reading for pleasure for children of primary-school age. Resources, activities and ideas are available on the website, and there's our Book Trust Best Book Guide too. All of these are free for schools, libraries and other venues to download to help celebrate reading for pleasure.

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The Letterbox Club focuses on improving the educational outlook for looked-after children aged between 7 and 13 by providing them with a parcel of books, maths activities and stationery event month, for six months. If your local authority participates in The Letterbox Club scheme, why not hold a special Letterbox Club event at your local library? We also invite participating local authorities to add into the parcel information about the child’s local library and details of any summer schemes, half-term events, homework clubs etc.

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Bookbuzz supports secondary schools to encourage reading for pleasure and independent choice by giving students the opportunity to choose their own book to keep from a list of titles suitable for 11-year-olds and selected by a panel of experts. The programme can be purchased by schools at a cost of £2.50 per participating student. Public libraries can also take part by purchasing sets of the Bookbuzz books to give children access to the rest of the Bookbuzz books at their local library.and an information leaflet.

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School Library Pack - In 2012-13 we are offering every secondary school in England a free pack of books and resources to support reading for pleasure across the school. The School Library Pack is available to any school with Year 7 students and will offer resources and titles across the age range 11-16 years.

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