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National Bookstart Week

From 8-14 June, professionals around the country helped families have Jungle adventures and get into the habit of visiting libraries and reading every day!

Research reports and evaluations

Read summaries and full reports of research and evaluation done around Bookstart programmes

Handbooks and video

Download handbooks for Bookstart professionals and watch a video for Health Visitors around gifting the packs

Take the Rhyme Challenge

Get children and their families learning rhymes together at your children's centre, nursery or playgroup.

How to draw Betty the baby gorilla!

Use crayons, paints, pencils or even icing...

Oxford University Press

Summer reading fun

A one-stop-shop for all ages to make the most of summer...

The Book Trust Team

Watch Maia's reading journey

Discover what happens when a baby is given a love of stories, songs and rhymes from the start.

Bookstart research

Bookstart matters! Read reports and summaries of independent research that supports our work in helping all children develop a love of reading.

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