• Funding update, 25 February 2011

    Funding update, 25 February 2011

    Education secretary Michael Gove has today confirmed that Book Trust will receive £7.5m in 2011–12 and £6m in 2012–2013 to deliver the national bookgifting programmes Bookstart, Booktime and Booked Up. The bookgifting programme will remain a universal offer, but will be enhanced by new elements offering targeted support for disadvantaged children and families.

    Faced with the challenge of a significant reduction in central funding we have had to make tough decisions about the future shape of the bookgifting programmes – one of which has been to lose one of the universal packs (Bookstart+) as part of the Bookstart programme. We are pleased, however, that we have been able to safeguard the core bookgifting offer, so that every child has access to books at key stages of their development.

    Working closely with our partners, we will ensure the continued delivery of a universal offer in a cost effective way and also create new offers targeted to those most in need. This will mean that as well as receiving free books for children to read for pleasure, schools with a high proportion of pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds will be invited to join the programme.

    The schemes are:

    • Bookstart Baby (0–12 months) – universal offer
    • Bookstart Corner (12–30 months) – targeted through Sure Start children's centres
    • Bookstart Treasure Bag (3–4 years) – universal offer
    • Booktime (4–5 years, Reception-age) – universal and enhanced by a targeted Primary Programme for Reception age and Year 1 children
    • Booked Up (11 years, Year 7) – universal and enhanced by a targeted Secondary Programme for children in Years 7 and 8


    We are tremendously grateful for the support we have received from publishers, authors, local authorities, libraries, health officials, schools and children’s centres over the past few months and look forward to consulting closely with all of our partners about the shape and details of the programmes.


    Joint statement from Department for Education and Book Trust, 27 December 2010

    'The Department for Education and Book Trust are determined to ensure that reading for pleasure is a gift every child can enjoy. That is why the DfE will continue to fund Book Trust book-gifting programmes in the future. Although the current contract will end in April the Department are talking to Book Trust about how to develop a new programme which will ensure that every child can enjoy the gift of books at crucial moments in their lives while ensuring we develop an even more effective way of supporting the most disadvantaged families to read together. The Department and Book Trust will be working together, with publishers, in order to ensure that we can make every possible saving in developing an enhanced programme.'‬

    Statement from Viv Bird, CEO (Booktrust)

    'I am delighted that Michael Gove has acknowledged the immense value of reading for pleasure and our bookgifting programmes - Bookstart, Booktime and Booked Up - by pledging to work with us to ensure that every child in England continues to receive the gift of books and the opportunity to develop a lifelong love of reading.

    We have been overwhelmed by the huge and spontaneous show of support from parents, library staff, health visitors, teachers, authors and many others, who have lent their voices to our cause. Each and every one of them has played a vital role in keeping the reading for pleasure agenda alive over the past week or so.

    Book Trust have always endeavoured to deliver excellent value programmes. During these challenging economic times we have worked particularly hard to make significant cost savings across all of our activities. We are looking to meet with the Department for Education early in the New Year to secure a financial commitment from the government and to discuss how we can develop the bookgifting programmes to ensure that they continue to offer the best possible value whilst retaining their extraordinary quality and reach.

    Book Trust already supports disadvantaged families through tailored resources and guidance and we look forward to discussing with the Government how we can do even more for those families who are not confident around books and sharing stories with their children.'

    Viv Bird (27 December 2010)

    For media enquiries, please contact Will White (020 8875 4583) or Alice Ingall (020 8875 4827)‬

    25 February 2011


    I have found that giving the Bookstart offer on an annual basis to all children is such a wonderful literacy and inclusion thing to do.

    When we offer this we encourage the parents to register their family at the local library where there is more opportunity for reading and doing Rhyme time with daddies having exclusive sessions on Saturdays.

    The gift of reading is poverty alleviation. Educate a girl and the nation is educated.

    Nancy Jirira - Health Visitor
    27 November 2013

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