• German reading organisation offers support to Book Trust

    Heinrich Kreibich, CEO of Stiftung Lesen
    Heinrich Kreibich, CEO of Stiftung Lesen

    We were delighted to receive an open letter from Heinrich Kreibich, the CEO of Stiftung Lesen, the reading organisation in Germany.

    In the letter he explains how Bookstart in England inspired the Stiftung Lesen to start a similar scheme in Germany, and how the recent Social Return on Investment study shows the Bookstart programme to offer exceptional value for money.


    The English idea of Bookstart gave us the big impression that reading promotion in early childhood is one of the best ways to influence reading motivation and reading habits.


    We have given Lesestart-packages to around 800,000 families in Germany and evaluated its effects on reading habits. We have been surprised of the wonderful results.


    At Stiftung Lesen, Germany, we believe in the importance of promoting the reading habit and familiarity with books from a very young age. The Social Return on Investment study recently carried out on the Bookstart programme in England demonstrates its high social return to a ratio of £1 Government investment for £25 social return, which was an influencing factor on the German Government’s decision in December 2010 to invest 26 million EUR at all, for the very first time, in a new Bookstart programme in Germany called 'Lesestart' over an eight year period up to 2018.


    We hope that we can go on for the pleasure of reading together with the new initiatives of England.
    Heinrich Kreibich, CEO Stiftung Lesen, Germany

    25 January 2011

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