• This new sticker book will make you want to visit the library

    This new sticker book will make you want to visit the library

    Libraries are fun - and this book is another great reason to visit one with your family in 2016.

    When libraries told us that families needed a little encouragement to visit, we came up with this fun idea.


    You can now find our new sticker storybook, Bear's Reading Adventure, in selected libraries around England. Free for families with children aged up to five, it was made in partnership with Igloo Books.


    Children can collect the stickers every time they visit a library, and then put them in a special sticker book to take home.

    Collect the ten stickers

    The story follows the BookTrust blue bear mascot on his reading adventure, which takes him to the park, supermarket and library. However, there are ten objects missing.


    Children will get a sticker for each of the missing objects they find, every time they go to the library. Not only is this a great reason to visit your library more regularly, but it may also inspire a few reading resolutions.


    When your child has collected all ten stickers, they can download or print a certificate that celebrates this success. Families can also read our tips on how to have fun reading together every day.

    Good reasons to read

    The book was illustrated by popular children's illustrator Jo Byatt and written by our director of engagement and marketing, Gemma Malley.


    Bookstart coordinator Deborah Averill said: 'The quality of the book is fantastic, and children will love visiting the library to collect their stickers. A great incentive - and it's fun, too!'

    Author Gemma Malley added: 'Libraries are a wonderful resource, whatever your age. If you haven't joined your local library or visited for a while, then do take a moment to see what's going on.


    'Reading with your child is fun, and a great way to spend time together. If a parent reads to their children every day they will be almost 12 months ahead of their age group when they start school. Even reading to them three to five times a week gives them a six-month head-start over those who are read to less often.'

    Pop into your library

    BookTrust created Bear's Reading Adventure to help libraries achieve the aims of the Association of Senior Children's and Education Librarians' (ASCEL).


    Their 'children's promise' vows to give families more ways to participate and engage with their local library. It also wants to make those visits exciting and inspiring.


    The sticker storybook will be piloted in selected libraries across England, so resources are limited.


    But do not fret if you don't live in England or you can't find the book near you. Most libraries offer a range of children's events and other fun activities. Why not pop in and have a nosey?


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    14 January 2016

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