'We had hours of fun with the Bookstart Baby Pack'

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Posted October 5, 2011 by The Bookstart Team

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'We had hours of fun with the Bookstart Baby Pack'

Living in south Wales, baby Meg and her mum had hours of fun with their two Bookstart packs – and discovered books in Welsh along the way…



Meg was only a couple of months old when we had our first Bookstart bag. There was a variety of English and Welsh books in it – she loved the Peekaboo book in particular, and we had hours of fun with it.

The Welsh books were good too as they were at a level that was easy enough for me to read – the English bit helped me to understand what the story was about. I probably wouldn’t have bought a Welsh book otherwise.

When Meg went for her two year developmental check, the health visitor gave her another Bookstart bag, which was fab. This one had lovely books in it, and the satchel is nice and bright –we’re keeping it for her to use when she goes to school.

We’ve got Meg’s height chart up on the wall at home. I had to go and buy another one for my son Cal so he can join in – when they are older we’ll put them in their keepsake boxes.

I’d like to say thank you from me and both my children for having them, it’s not often you get something for nothing, especially something so nice and useful.


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