Babies love books! A parent writes...

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Posted January 11, 2011 by The Bookstart Team

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Babies love books! A parent writes...

My daughter Evie is not yet 6 months but has been exposed to books from being only a few days old.

The black & white patterned 'first books' captured her interest before sending her a little cross-eyed!  Now her favourite book is That's Not My Monster – the bright colours, sturdy pages and repetitive language keeps her riveted for the three or four minutes it takes to look at the book and she is now starting to actively reach out and touch the textured illustrations.


Even at such a young age, it's lovely to take some time out and look at a book together.  The illustrations grab her attention but I still catch her looking up at my lips as I read, getting used to the shapes they make as I speak.


I can honestly say I underestimated how valuable reading and books are to children below this age, even with my training in my job as an Early Years Professional. I am slowly but surely building up a library for Evie with titles the Book Trust recommend plus a few timeless classics from my own childhood 30 years ago!


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