The true story of a bull dog!

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Bull sat downCatalina Echeverri, tells the funny story behind her new picture book for Bloomsbury, Milo's Dog says Moo

My book was inspired by a very special farm friend. His name was Zalto. He was a bull.

But not just any kind of bull. He was massive! He weighed about 1000kg and had huge muscles all across his body. Yet, he had the heart of a little puppy.


Father and daughter sat in a fieldHe loved being stroked (especially by my dad) and he loved to play. Every time we were walking about in the farm and we came to his little patch of land he would run around and moo so happily!  And the most fascinating thing of all: Zalto loved to sit in the most peculiar way.

My Dad, who is a veterinarian and has been studying bulls all his life, says it’s not normal for bulls to sit like dogs. In fact it is a very rare thing! But once every so often it can happen. And the most wonderful thing was that it had happened to us.

Milo's Dog Says Moo front coverI was so fascinated by our Zalto that I drew him. Many times! He was constantly popping up in my sketchbooks over the years, just waiting for his story to be told. Until one afternoon not long ago, his drawing was spotted at a creative meeting in Bloomsbury. And this is how the story of Beans was born.

I'm so happy Beans and Milo are out in the world now, especially because it is the story that is most linked to my childhood and my adventures with my dad.

Here are some original sketches of Beans… he was named Fluffy back then!

Sketches of a picture book bull



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