Bookstart 20: Great ways to share with your child

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Posted March 28, 2012 by The Bookstart Team

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Bookstart 20: Great ways to share with your child

If you've taken the Bookstart 20 pledge to share 20 books in 2012, then maybe you are wondering how to find good books to share.

We thought we'd kick off our Bookstart 20 blog with a few ways we can help you get started.


Find a book to share

The Bookstart website is crammed full of great books that are ideal to share with your little one.


Why not start off with our book of the month, as voted for by other parents and carers, which is Tiddler by Julia Donaldson? Can your child find the Gruffalo fish hidden amongst the illustrations?

There are also some lovely stories in this month's list of recommendations, which is themed 'books to cuddle up and share' (and what could be nicer?). Included is That's Not My Bear... by Fiona Watt - your child will love turning the pages to feel the textures and search for a special bear.


For more inspiration for choosing your next story, head to the Bookstart Book Finder - it's a quick and fun way of choosing books that are just right for your child's age and interests.


Read an online interactive story

Did you know you can share stories right on your home computer? Our Have Some Fun section has a fabulous array of interactive books that come alive on screen. From Martin Waddell's popular classic Owl Babies, to Jez Alborough's wondrous Some Dogs Do, to the music and song fun of Penny Dale's The Boy on the Bus – you're sure to find something you'll enjoy with your child.


If you like these, you can get even more games and activities by joining the online Bookstart Bear Club – free and fun for all families with babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

Check out our app reviews

In 2012 many families have access to mobile phones or touchscreen tablets, so sharing a story together needn't even involve a book anymore (which was difficult for us to image when Bookstart started in 1992!).


We've got a list of 10 of the best apps that you can download and share together. Including well-loved classics such as Dear Zoo and Paddington Bear, there are loads of ways to bring the fun of sharing stories to your mobile device.


View our top 10 apps for children


Visit your local library or bookshop

Of course, one of the best ways to get books to share with your child is to head to your local library. It's free and everyone is welcome to join, even tiny babies (we hear Charlie Harris joined his library near Liverpool when he was eight-hours-old!). Check out this handy link to find your local library.


Also, don't forget in your Bookstart pack you'll find a handy £1 book token. You can use this to pay towards the next book for your child at over 1,200 bookshops all over the country.


Find out more about using your free Bookstart book token


Over to you

How is your Bookstart 20 pledge going? Which stories have you shared so far, and what's been the most enjoyable? Let us know in the comments below!


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