Bookstart Rhymetimes sheets

Enjoy rhymes at home with these beautifully-illustrated Bookstart Rhymetimes sheets:


Illustrated by Polly Dunbar

Includes 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' and more!

Download Polly Dunbar rhymesheet

Jungle Rhymes
Illustrated by Axel Scheffler

From National Bookstart Day 2007

Includes 'A Monkey is Very Furry' and more besides!

Download Axel Scheffler rhymesheet

Pirate rhymes
Illustrated by Debbie Harter

From National Bookstart Day 2008
Includes 'What Shall we do with the Grumpy Pirate?'
Download Debbie Harter rhymesheet

Illustrated by Sebastien Braun

From National Bookstart Day 2009

Includes 'The Grand Old Duke of York'.
Download Sebastien Braun rhymesheet

Seaside rhymes
Illustrated by Alex Ayliffe

From National Bookstart Day 2010
Includes 'Row, Row, Row the Boat'.

Download Alex Ayliffe rhymesheet

Transport rhymes
Illustrated by Jess Stockham

From National Bookstart Day 2011
Includes 'The Wheels on the Bus'.
Download Jess Stockham rhymesheet





Bookstart Bear book plates

Make your favourite books even more special with these book plates, featuring the Bookstart Bear, illustrated by John Prater.

Print them onto sticky labels; or simply print on paper, then use scissors and glue.


Download the book plates