Joining your library

Libraries are for everyone!
Libraries are for everyone!

Everyone is welcome to join the library and it’s free!

Libraries have lots to offer families – thousands of books, DVDs and CDs, access to the internet and activities for all age ranges. It is easy to join and borrowing books is free.
Children's Librarian

By joining your local library you and your child will be able to access thousands of books for free as well as getting free internet access and lots of other fantastic services.


Many libraries have a great range of free activities available for all ages including:



Joining your library is free and easy and will give you and your child the opportunity to explore a huge range of stories and rhymes together!


Find and join your local library for free


It's never too early to join...

Charlie Harries joined Halton Lea library in Liverpool at the age of just 8 hours!

Although he can’t read yet we’re going to use the pack to start him off with bedtime stories. He loves hearing stories and absolutely loves visiting the library and being around books. He feels right at home and he loves being there. Parent Shaun Harris, father to Charlie