Rhymetimes are free and fun for everyone
Rhymetimes are free and fun for everyone

Songs, rhymes, rhythm and fun at your local library, nursery or children's centre.

Rhymetime has helped my child sing more at home, sit down and listen and make new friends...she loves rhythm and rhyme! (Mum, Trafford)

Babies and children who discover the pleasure of hearing stories and rhymes have a flying start when it comes to learning to read by themselves. Sessions are organised locally and involve a mix of songs, rhymes, rhythm and movement, while providing the opportunity to share games, novelty books and toys.


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Bookstart helped my child to speak english, the dual laguage books are a fantastic resource. Rhymetime in libraries makes me interact with other mums and I have formed friendships and don't feel isolated. (Mum, Cheshire)