Why share stories?

Why share stories?

Give your child a flying start

A message from senior health visitors in Wales

Health visitors are delighted to support Bookstart, which has been running successfully since 1992.


In 2000, Wade and Moore wrote a book called A Sure Start with Books. They showed how children who are introduced to books and rhymes from an early age do better at reading and maths when they go to school.


That is why we all think that Bookstart is such a good idea.


Up to 75% of brain growth occurs within the first three years of your child's life. It has been proven that teaching children songs and rhymes stimulates brain development before they start school.


They get a flying start in life.


Using your bilingual books

In your pack you will find books in Welsh as well as English. If you are able to introduce a second language to very young children it's like a game for them – they don't get confused. It helps them to develop good communication skills and they are more likely to learn other languages as a result.


Don't worry if you don't speak Welsh, just try to join in the rhymes, have fun and learn with your child!


If you are concerned about your child's speech or general communication skills don't delay contacting your health visitor or doctor.


Get lots of useful ideas and videos for raising your child bilingually at twfcymru.com
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