One Ted Falls Out of Bed

Julia Donaldson and Anna Currey

One Ted Falls Out of Bed
  • This book is brilliant for bedtime
  • The rhyming story is fun to read
  • You’ll enjoy the adventure all the way through


Publisher: Macmillan
Age group: Toddler
Age group: Preschooler

'My baby quietens down as soon as I start to read...'

My 6 month old loves this book which was a Christmas present from friends of the family. As soon as I start reading it to him he'll quieten down and wont make a sound until I'm done.
I love that it rhythms as this makes it soothing and enjoyable for bedtime reading. My son is always fascinated when I use different voices for the different characters in the book. We always read it twice each night. This is a gift that keeps on giving.

Mama SJ

About the author

Julia Donaldson

Julia Donaldson is one of today's most popular writers. Her bestselling titles include The Gruffalo, The Gruffalo's Child and Room on the Broom. Although she is best-known for her picture books, Julia also writes longer novels, plays and songs. She lives in Glasgow and spends a lot of time on stage performing her brilliant sell-out singalong shows!

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What families say

Lost count of the number of times we have read this. My toddler chooses it most nights at bedtime. Lovely pictures and great for learning about numbers too.

Rating: 5 star
25 April 2013

We've got this book as a gift and Dan loves it when daddy reads to him in different animal voices. He giggles when it comes to the end.

Rating: 5 star
25 June 2013

My son can't get enough of this book, he is always bringing it to me to read. It is good for learning their numbers too.

Rating: 5 star
9 May 2013

My favourite book to read to my boys-so peaceful and the rhyme is beautiful! It's always my pick at bedtime

Rating: 5 star
J&N's mummy
17 January 2013

My son loves to read this book at bedtime and he always makes sure he tucks his teddy in tight before he goes to sleep.

Rating: 5 star
15 October 2012

Fantastic book. My little boy fell in love with it and was the only book he would stay still for and would settle him when ill/upset if we read it to him!

Rating: 5 star
11 October 2012

My daughter loves 'One Ted Falls Out of Bed' by Julia Donaldson. It's lovely to read with the rhyming words, and the illustrations by Anna Currey are beautifully done. A favourite for bedtime or anytime for my daughter!

Rating: 5 star
21 May 2013

bought this for my little one just few weeks ago. Though he doesn't understand it he loves looking at the bright pictures.

Rating: 3 star
10 August 2012

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