Peace At Last

by Jill Murphy
Peace At Last
  • Mr Bear just can’t sleep with all the ‘snores and tick-tocks’ in the house…
  • The rhythm, repetition, sounds and pictures make this a delight to read
  • It’s a perfect bedtime book


Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books
Age group: Baby

'Fond memories of reading this as a child...'

Lovely book, I have fond memories of reading it as a child and now with my little boy!

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What families say

my 10 month old loves this book. Her nanny brought it for her and she love it when you act out all the noise an she likes to watch your face as you do it too. She loves looking at the pictures and has started pointing to different things on the page.

Rating: 4 star
18 December 2012

I had this book read to me as a child and loved it. Now my son asks for it most nights. It calms him down ready for bed and he likes to point at the pictures.

Rating: 5 star
3 April 2013

read this book to my little girl for the first time yesterday and she loved making the noises and joining in. really good book .

Rating: 5 star
16 March 2013

Real winner for my 15 month old twins. Ewan likes it when I make the appropriate noises, particularly baby bear's aeroplane!

Rating: 4 star
Mum key
9 June 2012

A lovely story my daughter loved it and have read it three times in one day.

Rating: 4 star
2 September 2011

Lovely book

Rating: 5 star
28 August 2011

We got this book in a bundle of books when my son was very little. We often read this story together and my son really seems to enjoy it. He particularly enjoys it when I make lots of silly noises. He's particularly taken with mama bears snoring!

Rating: 5 star
28 March 2013

My daughter enjoyed this book as she loved listening to the different noises Mr bear could hear at night. it is 1 of her favourite bed time books she will ask me to read to her.

Rating: 5 star
31 October 2012

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