The Big Book of Beautiful Babies

by David Ellwand
The Big Book of Beautiful Babies
  • This book is full of lovely black and white photos – your child will love looking at the pictures of babies’ faces and expressions
  • The rhyming words next to the photos are fun to read together
  • There’s a great surprise on the last page - every baby will enjoy seeing a familiar face in the mirror!


Publisher: Ragged Bears
Age group: Baby

'Loved reading this book to my 9-month-old'

Absolutely loved loved loved reading this book to my 9 month old daughter! Almost, I think, as much as she enjoyed having it read to her. With each turn of the page and a new face that appeared, there were squeals of joy to be heard from her! Then, when I left it on the side and it caught her eye, she made a beeline for it, and just stared right at it... smiling!!! How can I not read it to her again and again... ?!?

Tee & Sav

What families say

My little boy loves this book he is 7months had from 3months old, printed on thick card so stands up to a lot of rough treatment my friends little boy enjoys this book with us and he is 2, I am short sighted and it has lovely large print on each page so can read with baby on lap. and the mirror on the last page is a smile everytime... I personaly find the pictures hard to see so can't really comment on them but i know all babies like to see themselves and other babies so this book delivers this..

Rating: 4 star
3 October 2012

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