Sleepy Places

Judy Hindley
Illustrated by Tor Freeman

Sleepy Places
  • You and your child will enjoy discovering where animals - and humans - like to sleep
  • The lively, rhyming text makes this an entertainingread
  • The illustrations are warm and humorous


Publisher: Walker Books
Age group: Toddler
Age group: Preschooler

'My three year old sons adore this book..'

My three year old sons adore this book - and we play the 'game' anytime we are walking through long swishy grass, a forest, by a river, etc, etc. Now, it is a demand that as soon as we have finished reading it together, each has to have a turn at reading it aloud to themselves (at bedtime, which makes the process even longer - but lots of fun!). Fantastic book.


About the author

Judy Hindley

My favourite things were reading, pretending, and climbing trees. I frequently combined them by reading my book while up a tree. I loved putting on plays with friends and making secret camps and tree houses. I went to university in a big city, far from home, which was very exciting. I married an Englishman (I was born in America), and had two children, John and Anna, who are my great...

Tor Freeman

I was born in London, but a South African mother meant frequent trips there when I was little, and memories of holidays with my grandparents next to the sea are some of my most powerful and influential. Leaving secondary school, I knew I wanted to study art, but hadn't really registered that illustration might be a degree all by itself. Finding that it was, I went to Kingston, and meeting...
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What families say

My daughter loves the bats who go to sleep upside down and I like the lilting rhythm which makes it a perfect nighttime read

Rating: 5 star
20 December 2011

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