Monkey and Me

by Emily Gravett
Monkey and Me
  • This beautifully illustrated, stylish book is packed with energy and fun
  • Be ready to waddle like a penguin and jump like a kangaroo!
  • The delightful guessing game invites your involvement and is great to share!


Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books
Age group: Toddler
Age group: Preschooler

'Have read this with my daughter 5 times in the last 2 days!'

My daughter keeps choosing this book to read, we have read it five times in the last two days. It is becoming one of the new favourites. Lovely pictures and a fun story


About the author

Emily Gravett

Emily Gravett is twice winner of the CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal and the Nestlé Children's Book Prize Bronze Award for Wolves and Little Mouse's Big Book Of Fears. An author-illustrator of unique talent and skill, she has a host of other award-winning and critically acclaimed books to her name, including Orange Pear Apple Bear, Monkey and Me, The Odd Egg and Blue Chameleon. Emily lives in Brighton with her family....
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What families say

I've been reading this book to my four week old - he loves the rhythm. I think it will be a favourite.

Rating: 5 star
9 June 2012

Thomas seemed to really enjoy this book. His eyes were nice and big as soon as he saw the kangaroos, this is a must read book.

Rating: 5 star
6 April 2013

Alice loves this book and is always picking it up for us to read it to her. The pages are easy for her to turn and the pictures are lovely

Rating: 5 star
25 April 2012

Freddie has a cuddly monkey which he loves and so really enjoys the pictures of the monkey in this book.

Rating: 3 star
1 February 2012

Sam loves this book at the mo! He fetches it to me saying "and me mummy" lovely pictures

Rating: 4 star
27 January 2012

my daughter loves this book she even asked for it to be her only birthday present.

Rating: 5 star
18 August 2012

Jack loves shouting 'Monkey and me' as we turn the pages!

Rating: 4 star
Lottie & Jack
25 January 2015

He love it.. With out reading he told me what they were doing... So I loved this thing about it.

Rating: 4 star
17 November 2014

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