The Very Hungry Caterpillar

by Eric Carle
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  • You'll adore the gorgeous illustrations of this much-loved caterpillar
  • Explores numbers, days of the week and time but, most importantly, gives children a sense of wonder
  • A short buggy book version is also available


Publisher: Puffin
Age group: Baby
Age group: Toddler
Age group: Preschooler

'My little boy particularly enjoys saying, 'but he was still hungry'...'

I have shared this story many times with my little boy. He loves counting the items of food, but most of all he enjoys saying "but he was still hungry". My son never gets bored with this story, every time I read it he finds a new way to join in the story. For example he has now started to act out the story as I read it to him.
The pictures are big, bright and colorful which makes it very attractive to young children. I particularly like the repetition of words/phrases which allows the young child to join in.

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What families say

My 4 month old son adores this book. We read it (at least twice) every night before bed. Whenever I show him the story he grins and gurgles and has started to try and turn the pages. The story structure and gorgeous pictures are great for tiny tots - a firm favourite in our house!

Rating: 5 star
19 April 2012

I bought this book when we were only trying for a baby...before I was even pregnant! I remember it from when I was little. My husband used to read it to my bump and now when we read it to our little girl she gives us big smiles...particularly when the caterpillar is still hungry! She loves looking at the bright colours of all the different foods and I'm sure she'll enjoy it for years to come.

Rating: 5 star
Grace's mam
10 February 2012

I loved this book when I was a little girl. I now have the great pleasure of being a mum and reading this with my son. At four months he already loves it and we read it at least once a day. He now reaches out to touch the pages and feel the holes in his board book.

Rating: 5 star
28 March 2013

My son adores this book, he brings it to me to read all the time, so much that I have had to repair it and we had it brand new and he's only 15 months! He enjoys turning the pages and his favorite page is what the caterpillar eats on Saturday!

Rating: 5 star
Mrs Spagetti picker-upper
1 September 2013

Anton has been reading this book since he was 3 weeks old. At first he liked chewing it, then he liked sticking the fingers in the holes and now, as he knows it off by heart, he enjoys reading it to his baby sister.

Rating: 5 star
Anne Grant
22 March 2013

This became my daughter's favourite book very soon after we bought it when she was 6 months old. She loved the story, especially the beautiful butterfly! Now she loves being able to turn the pages and put her fingers on the holes

Rating: 5 star
2 October 2012

My husband and I love reading this book as it is a classic from our childhoods. Our son seems to love it and wants to turn the pages though at the moment 5 months old. It does teach days of the week, numbers, colours, foods and of course the progression of caterpillar to butterfly :) An absolute must have for all children's bookshelves.

Rating: 5 star
15 August 2012

Who doesnt love reading this book? My daughter loves to look at this book, its so colourful. Its a wonderful book to read to a little one, she just cant wait to see whats on the next page. The book we have has a puppet caterpillar in it,which of course makes it that much more fun.

Rating: 5 star
5 May 2012

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