Finding inclusive books

Most children's books today suitably reflect our multicultural society. However, not so many reflect other forms of diversity, for example the fact that one in five school-age children has special educational needs. This is especially true of books for very young children. This list aims to help you to find early years books showing positive images of disability, as well as titles that may prove useful in discussing disability and diversity.

  • My Brother Sammy

    My Brother Sammy

    Becky Armitage

    A gentle, honest and ultimately positive look at life with autism.

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  • The Giant Turnip

    The Giant Turnip

    Henriette Barkow

    A traditional Russian story retold and brought to life with stunning illustrations

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  • The Animal Boogie

    The Animal Boogie

    Stella Blackstone

    Boogie along with the jungle inhabitants who flap, shake and slide their way through this colourful book.

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  • Benjamin & the Super Spectacles

    Benjamin & the Super Spectacles

    Rachel Bright

    A picture book about friends helping each other feel super!

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  • The Black Book of Colours

    The Black Book of Colours

    Menena Cottin & Rosana Faria

    Experience colours in new ways...

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  • Looking after Louis

    Looking after Louis

    Lesley Ely

    The beautifully delivered story of children learning to understand their autistic classmate, gradually discovering how they can involve him in their activities

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  • Seal Surfer

    Seal Surfer

    Michael Foreman

    This exquisite picture book also touches on themes such as the passing of time and the passing away of a grandparent.

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  • Brian Has Dyslexia

    Brian Has Dyslexia

    Woody Fox

    Dr Spot and a specialist teacher introduce fun solutions to help Brian understand dyslexia and overcome many of the challenges it brings.

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  • Dan and Diesel

    Dan and Diesel

    Charlotte Hudson

    Dan and his dog Diesel are inseparable and together they can conquer the world. What gradually becomes clear, although it is never stated, is that Dan is blind and Diesel is his guide dog.

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  • Specs for Rex

    Specs for Rex

    Yasmeen Ismail

    Rex doesn't like his new specs... at first!

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  • This Little Piggy

    This Little Piggy

    Annie Kubler

    Board book version of the classic nursery rhyme

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  • Elmer's Friends

    Elmer's Friends

    David McKee

    A colourful board book in which the ever-popular Elmer the Elephant praises each of his friends for their different strengths

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  • Lucy's Picture

    Lucy's Picture

    Nicola Moon & Alex Aycliffe

    Lucy uses all her creativity to make a special 'touch and feel' picture for her blind grandfather who is coming to tea.

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  • Hamish


    Moira Munro

    Wheelchair-using bears blend effortlessly into the images of the various teddies having fun

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  • The Ding-Dong Bag

    The Ding-Dong Bag

    Polly Peters

    Two boys set off to catch a great big noise!

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  • I Am the Music Man

    I Am the Music Man

    Debra Potter

    A large-format picture book featuring holes through which you can peek to find an inclusive band of musicians

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  • Winnie the Witch

    Winnie the Witch

    Valerie Thomas

    This is the first of many stories about Winnie and her cat, Wilber.

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  • Boots for a Bridesmaid

    Boots for a Bridesmaid

    Verna Wilkins

    Nicky refuses point-blank to wear a frilly dress to a wedding.

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  • Susan Laughs

    Susan Laughs

    Jeanne Willis

    An endearing picture book which expresses a message of equality.

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  • Peek-a-Boo!


    Annie Kubler

    Part of a series introducing well loved games and rhymes

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  • See-Saw!


    Annie Kubler

    Part of a series introducing well loved games and rhymes

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  • The Mulberry Bush

    The Mulberry Bush

    Annie Kubler

    A large-format picture book with strong pages and peep-through holes

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  • Pat-a-Cake!


    Annie Kubler

    Part of a series introducing well loved games and rhymes.

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  • My First Animal Signs

    My First Animal Signs

    Anthony Lewis

    Delightful illustrations show children signing the words.

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