Books to suit different needs

Sharing books together can have many benefits - helping concentration, coordination, language development, interaction and communication skills, for example. Best of all, it is great fun, and can be enjoyed by every parent and child! The books selected for the Bookstart packs are carefully chosen for their wide appeal. However, you may feel that your child has needs which might make other types of book particularly suitable in the early years. This booklist aims to give you a few ideas.

  • Where's Spot?

    Where's Spot?

    Eric Hill

    This is a great picture book about the adorable Spot the dog.

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  • Sometimes I Feel Sunny

    Sometimes I Feel Sunny

    Gillian Shields

    A colourful picture book to help toddlers and preschoolers understand different feelings

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  • Hug


    Jez Alborough

    Fall in love with a small monkey called Bobo who wants to be hugged.

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  • Where is Maisy's Panda?

    Where is Maisy's Panda?

    Lucy Cousins

    With bold, eye-catching primary colours (which are easy for the eye to focus on), simple rhymes and repetition, and a series of flaps to lift, this book should appeal to any or all of the senses. Read about Where is Maisy's Panda?
  • First Cot Book

    First Cot Book

    Andy Everitt-Stewart

    Small but perfectly formed, this is a great first book for your baby's cot.

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  • Bathtime peekaboo!

    Bathtime peekaboo!

    Dorling Kindersley

    A colourful, waterproof, touch and feel, lift-the-flap book designed to help develop sensory, thinking and memory skills.

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  • The Mulberry Bush

    The Mulberry Bush

    Annie Kubler

    A large-format picture book with strong pages and peep-through holes

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  • What Can I Feel?

    What Can I Feel?

    Annie Kubler

    Explore the idea of touch with your toddler

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  • Baby Touch Flip-Flap book

    Baby Touch Flip-Flap book


    Touch-and-feel book with colourful pictures to explore with your baby

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  • Sign About: Meal Time

    Sign About: Meal Time

    Anthony Lewis

    A great introduction to simple signs.

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  • Buggy Buddies: Pets

    Buggy Buddies: Pets

    Jo Lodge

    Features soft textured animals to 'stroke' and the high-contrast patterns and faces are proven to attract young eyes.

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  • Alphaprints ABC

    Alphaprints ABC

    Sarah Powell

    A bright alphabet board book with touch-and-feel fingerprints

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  • We're Going on a Bear Hunt (book and CD)

    We're Going on a Bear Hunt...

    Michael Rosen

    A great audio-visual pack which comprises a book and a CD. With fun actions and repetitive rhyming text.

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  • Twinkly Night

    Twinkly Night

    Helen Stephens

    This book has holographic foil that twinkles like the stars, and a rhyming text which describes the familiar aspects of a baby's life.

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  • Baby Boo!

    Baby Boo!


    Fun, rhyming text, bright colours and bold patterns on a sturdy board book.

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  • Mouse


    Fiona Watt

    Plenty for children to explore as they undertake a tactile trail to reunite Minnie the Mouse with her friend.

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  • That's not my teddy...

    That's not my teddy...

    Fiona Watt

    Touch-feely book with colourful illustrations and simply text

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  • Dart and Dive

    Dart and Dive

    Hannah Wood

    Babies will love blowing and watching the mobiles in these beautiful concertina books.

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