by John Fordham
  • Soft padded book with high-contrast colours and patterns that are perfect for babies
  • Uses just four simple and reassuring words: Faces, Daddy, Mummy, Baby
  • Small mirror on the cover so babies can explore their own face and a strap for attaching to a buggy.


Publisher: Macmillan
Age group: Baby

'We've been sharing this book with our son from about 2 weeks...'

We've been sharing this book with our son from about 2 weeks old. Every day the pages hold his attention for longer and he loves the page with all the hearts, squares and circles combined. Having crinkly pages is also fab.

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What families say

We got this book when my little boy was born- the bold patterns were great as his sight developed and he could play with it too.

Rating: 5 star
11 January 2013

We love the contrast and trying to copy the expressions on the faces! Simple but effective at capturing my sons attention.

Rating: 4 star
14 September 2012

Simple but Effective! Also a favourite to chew as its hanging from the buggy ;)

Rating: 3 star
11 May 2012

I introduced book to my baby since she is two week old. This book was the best to attract her well. I was amazed to see that she enjoys watching every page of the book with eyes wide opened.

Rating: 5 star
8 July 2013

My little boy use to look at this book when he was a baby and was fascinated by it.

Rating: 3 star
11 June 2012

This was the first book we brought our son. Lovely high contrast book with a loop so can be cached on to pushchair etc. We use it now to reinforce words, mummy, daddy and baby.

Rating: 4 star
20 March 2012

I read this book with my baby when she was four weeks old and she loved looking at the patterns - she stared at them for ages! I would highly recommend this book as a baby's first book.

Rating: 5 star
12 April 2015

We first read this book with my Daughter when she was only a few days old! She would stare at the pages and then as she got older would start smiling with recognition at the faces. She's now 11 month old and still loves this book! She loves lots of books and I think starting with this really helped.

Rating: 5 star
27 July 2014

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