The Very Busy Spider

by Eric Carle
The Very Busy Spider

The classic story of the busy spider in a touch and feel board book format. Children can feel the delicate lines of the the spider's silky thread on each page, as her web grows and grows.


Publisher: Puffin
Age group: Toddler
Age group: Preschooler

'I set up this book beside my son's change mat...'

I set up this book beside my son's change mat. He's 4 months old and loves staring at the pictures while I change him and read the story. The cow and rooster are his favourites!

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loved the texture of the pictures

Rating: 5 star
2 April 2013

My daughter loves this book - all the different animal sounds. It also has the web and threads raised on each page so it is a good book to feel as well. A very popular book in our house.

Rating: 5 star
6 November 2011

We love reading this book together. My daughter loves all the animals and we do different voices for them to go with their sounds. She also likes that the spiders web is raised so she can feel it.

Rating: 5 star
9 February 2015

This is one of my daughters favourites, it's always one of the ones in her pile books to take to her reading tent.

Rating: 5 star
6 February 2015

We read this book almost every night as my LO giggled when I make the animal noises and use different voices when the animals 'speak'. A great book with lovely illustrations'

Rating: 5 star
Mrs Honey
27 January 2015

One of the first books I shared with my little girl at about 4 weeks old. She listened to me tell the story and let me help her feel the spider webs. I love the hungry caterpillar but hadn't read this story - love it!

Rating: 5 star
7 January 2015

This is one of my sons favourites - for some reason he loves to stroke the spider pictures

Rating: 4 star
27 February 2014

Gave it to a local nursery.

Rating: 4 star
21 September 2012

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