Winter books

Snuggle up with your little ones and share one of these wintery stories. What better way  to explore the changing weather and seasons together?

  • Skip through the Seasons

    Skip through the Seasons

    Stella Blackstone

    This book takes you on a journey through the year and the seasons.

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  • The Snowman Story Book

    The Snowman Story Book

    Raymond Briggs

    The stunning illustrations tell the whole story without any words.

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  • One Snowy Night

    One Snowy Night

    Nick Butterworth

    This is a heartwarming story of animals in winter.

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  • Jack Frost

    Jack Frost

    Kazuno Kohara

    A little boy sits by the fire, miserable because it is winter and all his friends are hibernating.

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  • Wind or Rain?

    Wind or Rain?

    Anthony Lewis

    An interactive introduction to weather.

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  • Miki


    Stephen Mackey

    A magical wintry tale of determination, friendship and hope

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  • Brrrr: A Book of Winter

    Brrrr: A Book of Winter

    Il Sung Na

    Follow the white rabbit through the snowy winter and see what all the different animals do to survive the cold and snow

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  • The Big Dark

    The Big Dark

    John Prater

    Celebrates the magic of winter dark, and the promise of returning springtime

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  • Iris and Isaac

    Iris and Isaac

    Catherine Rayner

    Two polar bears are in a huff with each other but learn that life is more fun when shared together in this beautiful tale of friendship and sharing

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  • The Foggy Foggy Forest

    The Foggy Foggy Forest

    Nick Sharratt

    Who's lurking in the foggy, foggy forest? Enjoy the see-through foggy pages and guess what's coming on the next page.

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  • The Night Iceberg

    The Night Iceberg

    Helen Stephens

    A funny and charming story about learning to share

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