Funny books

From bottoms and pants to kung-fu pandas and monsters, there is a story for every child in this great list of funny books that will have you and your child rolling about with laughter.


For a selection of new funny reads, take a look at this year's Roald Dahl Funny Prize shortlisted books.

  • Funnybones


    Allan Ahlberg

    A classic journey down the dark, dark street in search of fun!

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  • Pants


    Giles Andreae

    This book is fun, fun, fun!

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  • A Visitor for Bear

    A Visitor for Bear

    Bonny Becker

    Bear likes to be on his own until a mouse turns up and teaches him that sharing experiences is far better than being on your own

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  • The Great Sheep Shenanigans

    The Great Sheep Shenanigans

    Peter Bently

    A hilarious romp from the award-winning creators of The Great Dog Bottom Swap, that will have you rolling in laughter

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  • Wriggle and Roar!

    Wriggle and Roar!

    Julia Donaldson

    This book includes some lively new rhymes to enjoy.

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  • Penguin


    Polly Dunbar

    This is an award-winning book about friendship and communication.

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  • Thank You for Looking After Our Pets

    Thank You for Looking After Our...

    Tim Hopgood

    A hilarious story about looking after some unusual pets including Cuddles the Crocodile, Elsie and Edna the Elephants, and Orlando the Octopus

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  • Dogs Don't Do Ballet

    Dogs Don't Do Ballet

    Anna Kemp

    Everyone knows that dogs don’t do ballet, except for one little girl in Miss Polly’s ballet class

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  • The Worst Princess

    The Worst Princess

    Anna Kemp

    With a rhyming text by Anna Kemp and delightfully humorous illustrations by Sara Ogilvie, this entertaining picture book offers a refreshingly tongue-in-cheek spin on the conventional fairy tale princess.

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  • Go Wild with ... Noises

    Go Wild with ... Noises

    Neal Layton

    Growl like a bear and squawk like a parrot in this colourful and fun introduction to animal noises

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  • Mr Pusskins Opposites

    Mr Pusskins Opposites

    Sam Lloyd

    You'll find plenty to laugh at as Mr Pusskins teaches you about opposites.

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  • The Baby That Roared

    The Baby That Roared

    Simon Puttock

    When Mr and Mrs Deer find a bundle on the doorstep, they are delighted. But the new baby won't stop roaring... so they have to call on friends and family to help

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  • Moo-Cow, Kung-Fu-Cow

    Moo-Cow, Kung-Fu-Cow

    Nick Sharratt

    Pull the tabs and lift the flaps – who will be your favourite Moo-Cow?

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  • Chick


    Ed Vere

    This is a stunning popup book with bright clear pages.

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  • Bedtime for Monsters

    Bedtime for Monsters

    Ed Vere

    A clever, funny bedtime book about monsters that will have children diving under the covers

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  • Sing a Song of Bottoms!

    Sing a Song of Bottoms!

    Jeanne Willis

    Young children will love the rhyming text which rejoices in the diversity of bottoms!

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