Vote for Book of the month: September 2014

This month: your best board books!

September BOTM book jacketsFor this month’s competition, Little Tiger Press have kindly donated three copies of a colourful board book called Roar: A big-mouthed book of noises!, as well as sharing some fun activity sheets that you'll find on the book's page.

This got us thinking about some of our own favourite board books and we’ve put together a vote to see which comes out on top with Bookstart families. There are some classics in the list, plus a couple of newer titles that your little reader might love to get their hands on!

If leaving a comment, please do mention which book you chose so other families are sure which one you’re recommending.

Which is your favourite? Voting closes 2 October


We love peepo baby

8 September 2014

Me and my little man really like Peepo Baby!

5 September 2014

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