Vote for Book of the month: January 2015

This month: The journey from lost to found

Lost and Found BOTM booksJanuary’s competition prizes from Child’s Play include stories of loss, discovery or both, so we’ve been inspired to run a poll on that theme.


The six books below are all about losing or finding something, so which is your family’s favourite? Or will you find a new favourite and get lost in its pages?

Please leave a comment to let other families know which one you recommend!


Which is your family’s favourite? Voting closes 2 February

If leaving a comment – please mention which book you chose.


i chose whers spot as i read this to my son when he was small and its a brill book

cathy creighton
27 January 2015

lost and found is a wonderful book, for children and adults!

13 January 2015

A very good point, Jess! Dogger is one of our favourites too and we're sorry it was missed off the vote. Best wishes.

Bookstart team
5 January 2015

I chose lost and found but I think Dogger should have been on this list too!

5 January 2015

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