Dual languages

Mum reading with her son

Keep your language alive with stories

Reading together every day helps children:


  • Hear, learn and say new words
  • Learn about your family's culture
  • Gain confidence in a second language


Resources in your Baby pack or Treasure gift

Example dual-language titlesIf English is not your first language, you may be able to get a book in another language as part of your Bookstart packs.


Please ask your health visitor (babies) or library (preschoolers), who can contact the local Bookstart Coordinator about availability.


Tips for sharing books in your home language

  • Use the pictures – talk about what is happening in them and the story
  • Encourage your child by making lots of eye contact and smiles
  • Make time each day to cuddle up with your child and share stories
  • Have quiet, quality time together – switch off your TV, radio or mobile phone
  • Your child may use English, but you can reply or repeat in your home language
  • Sing or say nursery rhymes and songs from your home language.

  Read Lulu Loves Stories online and listen in 20 languages

 Play games and read stories in English and Welsh

 Visit your library to find books in your home language