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The Bookstart programme has inspired lots of other national and regional early years bookgifting schemes in the past two decades

Around the UK

Book Trust CymruWales / Cymru

Bilingual Bookstart Baby and Early Years Packs are given to every child in Wales, thanks to funding through the Welsh Government and the work of local coordinators.

Find out more about Bookstart in Wales / Dechrau Da

Mum and son reading togetherNorthern Ireland

Sadly, NI Government funding was cut in March 2015, but we are looking for alternative partners and continuing to support families through events and purchasable resources.

Find out more about Bookstart in Northern Ireland


Scottish Book Trust Bookbug logoScotland

Scotland’s early years programme is run by Scottish Book Trust, which is a separate organisation from BookTrust. The free books programme for under-5s and their families is known as Bookbug.

For more information about Bookbug please visit the Scottish Book Trust website

Bookstart affiliates mapInternational

The Bookstart early-years gifting model has extended beyond the UK's borders and there are now over 30 affiliated schemes across five continents. International interest in Bookstart continues to grow and we offer affiliation to other projects throughout the world that give free books to babies, toddlers and preschoolers.


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