How do booksellers work with Bookstart?

The Booksellers Association has worked with Bookstart for many years and we thank it for its continuing support.


My Bookstart Baby and Treasure Packs include a special £1 book token as an extra gift to the child and an incentive to own more books. £1.3 million worth of tokens are provided each year and over 1,200 bookshops accept the tokens. These include many independent booksellers and the following book chains: Blackwell's, Waterstones, W H Smith.


Find out how to redeem your free Bookstart book token


In what other ways do booksellers work with Bookstart?

  • To date, the Bookstart Bear has been invited to visit high streets in Manchester, London and Swindon to raise general awareness
  • Shared events are held by bookshops and libraries throughout the UK
  • National Bookstart Week is promoted in hundreds of bookshops each year
  • Booksellers and Bookstart support World Book Day and Quick Reads, sponsored by National Book Tokens.


Booktrust Early Years Awards

The Booktrust Early Years Award did not run in 2011; however, we strongly intend to bring back the prize with a bang in the very near future.


Find out more about the Early Years Awards on the Booktrust website