How do booksellers work with Bookstart?

The Booksellers Association has worked with Bookstart for many years and we thank it for its continuing support.


Bookstart Baby Packs include a special £1 book token as an extra gift to the child and an incentive to own more books. Almost a million pounds' worth of tokens are provided each year and around one thousand bookshops accept the tokens, including many independent booksellers and the following book chains: Blackwell's, Waterstones, W H Smith.


Find out how to redeem your free Bookstart book token


In what other ways do booksellers work with Bookstart?

  • To date, the Bookstart Bear has been invited to visit high streets in Manchester, London and Swindon to raise general awareness
  • Shared events are held by bookshops and libraries throughout the UK
  • National Bookstart Week is promoted in hundreds of bookshops each year
  • Booksellers and Bookstart support World Book Day and Quick Reads, sponsored by National Book Tokens.