Book Trust in Wales

Book Trust in Wales

Bookstart in Wales/Dechrau Da is managed by Book Trust Cymru

Book Trust Cymru is the Welsh office of independent charity Book Trust. We recognise and build upon:


  • The critical importance of fathers, mothers and other carers as first teachers
  • The profound and lasting effect that the attitudes and early skills developed in the home can have on a child’s future as a lifelong reader and learner
  • Access to culture and creativity as a personal entitlement
  • The importance of independent reading for pleasure and its positive impact on emotional health and wellbeing.


Book Trust Cymru: Information sheet for professionals (PDF)

Also managed by Book Trust Cymru


Letterbox Club focuses on improving the educational outlook for children aged 7–13 years who are in foster care. The programme provides them with a bilingual parcel of books, maths activities and stationery items once-a-month for six months.


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Pori Drwy Stori supports children’s literacy and numeracy development as they start Reception
class. The programme provides bilingual resources for use in both the classroom and at home.


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