Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland

Bookstart exists to inspire a love of reading that will give children a flying start in life

We offer the gift of free books to all children in Northern Ireland at key ages before they start school. Each pack contains books to share with your child as well as advice, information and resources.

Bookstart gives you...

  • Free books to share with your child
  • Support and guidance as you inspire a love of books in your child
  • An opportunity to engage with other families at vibrant and fun community events
  • A place to find everything you need to share books, stories and rhymes with your child, online.

How Bookstart works in Northern Ireland

DENI logoManaged by independent charity Booktrust, Bookstart is made possible thanks to an innovative public/private partnership between the Northern Ireland government and our publisher partners.

The Department of Education provides funding for every child to receive Bookstart Baby and Bookstart Treasure packs, and the Bookstart+ pack for toddlers is also provided by some Sure Starts.

We work in partnership with health and education professionals who gift the packs and inform families about the importance of sharing books and rhymes with children from an early age.


More about Booktrust's programmes in Northern Ireland

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