Apply to be an affiliate

Join Bookstart Japan, and many other schemes from around the world, in becoming a Bookstart affiliate
Join Bookstart Japan, and many other schemes from around the world, in becoming a Bookstart affiliate

Book Trust has had increasing interest from countries all around the world that are running, or are about to start running, similar programmes – be they large or small.

We are committed to assisting these countries in starting, developing and strengthening their scheme, and of course, spreading the Bookstart message – that you are never too young to share books or to join the library.



What are the benefits of affiliation?

Once your application has been accepted, you will...

  • Have the opportunity to draw on the expertise and experience of the administrators of the first national bookgifting programme in the world
  • Gain access to materials and research for purchase
  • Have the chance to be set up with other affiliated schemes
  • Have your scheme showcased on our website
  • Receive the Bookstart e-newsletter
  • Gain the kudos of being linked to the well-established and respected national Bookstart programme.


And it's free to join!


What are the criteria for joining?

If your overseas scheme gives free books to babies and children up to 5 or 6-years-old you are eligible to become a Bookstart international affiliate. In addition to bookgifting, you may also be promoting:

  • Lifelong love of books
  • Early literacy
  • Child development.


Apply to join

Please complete the application form to tell us about your scheme. This includes details on how your scheme is run, its aims, how it’s funded, who staffs it, who it reaches and details of any evaluation reports 


Complete the application form

Once we have received, processed and accepted your application we will then send you more information on Bookstart, including how to order support materials from us.


In return, we ask all of our international affiliates to provide us with updates about your scheme on an annual basis.


Visiting us

Battersea StudiosIf you are interested in becoming an affiliate, it may be possible to meet Bookstart staff at the Book Trust offices in Battersea Studios (London) to find out how the programme is administered in England. Please contact us with your request. We require a minimum of two months’ notice for visits, however please note that we are very busy and cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate your request. 


If you require more in-depth guidance on running a scheme, this can also be arranged for a consultancy fee – please contact us to discuss.