International affiliates

Bookstart has inspired schemes around the world
Bookstart has inspired schemes around the world

Bookstart is the first national bookgifting programme in the world – and other countries are following our lead.

All people seek the happiness of their children and that is what Bookstart gives to every child.
Izumi Satou, Bookstart Japan

Bookstart in the UK has inspired bookgifting programmes that promote the joy of reading all around the world .


We use our Bookstart international affiliates scheme to actively encourage the spread of the Bookstart model, and we offer advice and guidance. International schemes are often small in scale, and affiliation with Bookstart brings a valuable endorsement and source of assistance in the early stages of development.

Who are our affiliates?

The success of Bookstart has inspired many similar schemes around the globe, from Japan to Canada, and New Zealand to Korea.

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