Bookstart in England was the first national bookgifting programme in the world

In 1992, Book Trust worked in partnership with libraries and health visitors in Birmingham to create Bookstart. It started with 300 babies and grew into the first national bookgifting programme in the world. Today, over a million children receive a free Bookstart pack every year.

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How does it work?

Bookstart in England is administered by the independent charity Book Trust and funding is provided by the Department for Culture, Media & Sport, via Arts Council England.

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What packs are available?

Bookstart offers the gift of free books to all children at two key stages before they start school:

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Also available are additional needs packs for children who are deaf, have visual impairments or disabilities that impact on or delay development of their fine motor skills:

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Book Trust also runs the Bookstart Corner targeted programme in partnership with children's centres to help families who need the most support.

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