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Schemes around the world have followed our lead
Schemes around the world have followed our lead

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Around the UK


Bookstart in England was the first national bookgifting programme in the world, which began as a pilot in Birmingham in 1992.

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Northern Ireland

Bookstart in Northern Ireland gives the gift of free books to children in their first year and at age four along with guidance material for parents and carers

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Dechrau Da/Bookstart is the universal gifting programme through which free bilingual book packs are gifted to children at nine months and two years old by their health visitor.

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For information on free books for under 5s in Scotland please visit Scottish Book Trust.



Bookstart has also extended beyond the UK's borders and there are now affiliated schemes in Europe, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Thailand and the Falkland Islands.


Bookstart also has links with other schemes in New Zealand, the USA and Canada amongst others. International interest in Bookstart continues to grow and we offer free affiliation to other projects throughout the world that give free books to babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers.

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